About Me

Hello! I'm Cassandra Dickens,  I am a licensed hair stylist & I attended Toni & Guy Hair Dressing Academy.

I am the wife to my gorgeous stud of a husband Luke Dickens and the mother to our two beautiful children Liam & Gemma  and our fur baby, Riley. 

And ya'll, I love weddings.  I love the beauty of couples professing their love for one another &  I love the awestruck look on a soon to be husbands face when he sees his glowing bride walking down the isle for the first time.

I believe that every bride deserves to feel like the most radiant, confident version of herself on her wedding day!  That she would take the breath away from everyone in the room, including her soon to be husband by her flawless appearance.

My job as a wedding make up & hair specialist is to make sure you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. That you still look & feel like YOU. 

So when you would look back years to come on your anniversary and re-watch your wedding day videos and pictures you see how beautiful you truly are both inside and out. That, is my mission & promise to you. 

My goal is to make your wedding day prep as stress-free as possible so you can soak up and truly enjoy your day of getting prepped!  So that when you walk down the isle you are glowing with confidence & beauty..

Remember brides this is your day.  And I would be honored to help make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.  So that you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.