Welcome to Lush Bridal Beauty

At Lush Bridal Beauty we create the perfect hair and makeup look for brides on their wedding day!  

It is important to realize that as a bride, you will be photographed more on your wedding day than any other day in your life! 


This can be a scary thought if you do not have everything perfect.  Whether that be from your dress, to your bouquet, to your makeup or your hair; they are vital for you to look perfect! 

If one thing is off on the dress, the bouquet, your makeup or your hair, you will remember the flaw forever in your mind but also you will see it on every single photo of you forever! 

We can't do anything about your dress looking perfect or your bouquet of flowers looking perfect but what we can do is make sure your hair and makeup look perfect! .  

Because our brides are the best, we only use the best hair and makeup products that will last all day or night. 


Our products will last whether you cry while saying "I do" or you end up sweating on the dance floor!  By the end of your wedding night, you will still look perfect!  

It's your wedding day and you deserve the best!  If you want to see proof of how we help our brides look perfect, check out our portfolio!   

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